Legal Translation Services in Boston

Legal Translator in Boston

Our translators, specialized in the field of law, offer legal translation services in Boston in more than 60 languages with fast turnaround times. Contact us and receive your free quote within 30 minutes.

The Specialist in Legal Translation Services in Boston

Translating legal documents requires specialized expertise in the field of law. That’s why our legal translation agency offers specialized linguistic services in the field of law. We provide personalized solutions for all your multilingual legal issues: translations, certified translations, interpretation, transcription. To do this, we work with a network of 800 translators based in Boston and around the world. All operate with great responsiveness and in strict confidentiality.

For over 10 years, many law firms, notaries, and legal professionals have been relying on our agency daily for the translation of legal documents. All appreciate our quick response and the precision of our translations necessary for international procedures. Interested in our translation services in Boston? Contact us now and receive your free quote in 30 minutes.

A Legal Translator in Boston Specialized in Your Area of Expertise

To translate your documents accurately and rigorously, it is recommended to work with an experienced legal translator. Legal documents often contain specific jargon and complex legal concepts that require a deep understanding of the law. A specialized translator not only has linguistic mastery but also essential knowledge of legal systems and terms specific to each country. An inaccurate translation could lead to misunderstandings, interpretation errors with serious consequences.

That’s why our legal translation company in Boston works with a network of expert translators specialized in law. Rigorously selected, they all translate your documents taking into account your target audience and the context of your procedures. Each translation is then reviewed by a second legal translator in our Boston offices, and revised by a qualified project manager. By working with our agency, you will be guaranteed to receive high-quality translations, conforming to your expectations and your international legal objectives.

We translate numerous legal documents

Our translators daily translate a wide array of legal documents for businesses and individuals:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions Agreements
  • Patent Applications
  • Financial Statements
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Bylaws or Operating Agreements
  • Privacy Policies
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Trademark Fillings
  • Insurance Policies
  • Corporate Documents
  • Employment Contracts
  • Privacy Policies
  • Compliance Documents
  • Tax Returns
  • Licence Agreements
  • Litigation Documents

FAQ on Legal Translation in Boston

How much do your translation services cost in Boston?

It’s challenging to give an exact cost without first reviewing the documents to be translated. The price of a translation depends on several factors including the language of translation and the volume of text. The technical nature of the text, its formatting, and the desired delivery timeline will also affect the price of a legal translation.

Why hire a translator specialized in law?

Hiring a translator specialized in law is essential for understanding complex and specific legal terminologies. A legal translator in Boston will be able to comprehend all your legal terms, ensuring that the translated document respects your original document. Working with a specialist who knows the legal system of your target language will also allow you to receive high-quality translations perfectly tailored to your target audience.

Can you perform sworn translations?

Yes! Thanks to our translators accredited by the American Translators Association, we can perform certified and sworn translations of all your legal documents. We translate legal deeds, driver’s licenses, court judgments, judicial decisions, birth certificates, diplomas, and many other documents.

Looking For a legal Translator in Boston?

Our legal translation agency translates all your documents in more than 60 languages with quick turnaround times. Contact us and receive your translated files promptly.